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What the heck is a Vajacial, anyway?!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Vajacial? Vagacial? V-Steam? Deluxe Brazilian?

What are these services, and what do I need to know about them?

You may have heard about vajacials before. Let's talk more about what they are, what they do, and if trying one out is right for you.

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm Carly, your resident body waxing specialist of Downtown Dallas, NC.

After posting my last article about what to expect during your first Brazilian wax, I decided to write a follow-up and go into more depth about our Deluxe Brazilian service. This service not only includes the Brazilian wax itself, but also an add-on for a luxury experience you may or may not have heard about before...

What exactly is a Deluxe Brazilian?

We decided to introduce our upgraded Brazilian wax service in 2021, but what's it all about?

The add-on service starts with a lathered cleanse, gentle exfoliation, and steam treatment, before even starting the wax. After your wax is complete, we follow up with a soothing gel mask, and finish with an oil, serum, or spot treatment, depending on what your skin needs.

You may be thinking, why in the world would I need any of this? Let's break it down.

Though it's not always necessary, there are perfect conditions for waxing. Sure you can just go get a wax, and it'll turn out just fine, but have you ever wondered if there were things you could do to lessen that discomfort and irritation a little? It is such a sensitive area, after all. This service aims to bring your skin to these ideal conditions just before and after your wax, cutting down swelling and redness significantly, and allowing for all hair to be effortlessly removed.

To ensure that the skin is perfectly prepped for your wax, we want to start by removing dead skin cells that can build up around the hair follicle. These cells can cause in-grown hairs to form, and make it harder for the hair to be removed from the root. Next, a steam treatment helps to soften the skin, open the pores, and allow the hair to be released with ease.

Once your wax is finished, we use a cool gel mask to soothe and tone the area. This reduces swelling, irritation, and redness -- and feels incredible on tender, freshly waxed skin. We finish up with an anti-ingrown serum, and your service is complete. Remember to bring a fresh pair of underwear to put on after your service, or plan to go commando!

I've heard of a Vajacial, is this the same thing?

Vajacial is just a word someone came up with to describe a formal skin care treatment for the vulva! We didn't like it, so we came up with our own name for it. Really, all a vajacial is, is a downstairs facial. It can be customized in as many ways as a face-facial can, and you'll find different variations and different products used depending on where you go.

Contrary to what the word would have you believe, "vajacials" only deal with the vulva, and do not come in contact with the actual interior of the vagina. (Who named this service?!)

Whether you're calling it a vajacial, v-steam, or a Deluxe Brazilian, what matters most is this: All skin needs to be treated and pampered, not just our face! Especially an area of the body that's growing hair, sweating, and trapped inside panties all day. No matter what you're calling it, or how you heard of it, you should definitely be trying it.

What do your clients think about it?

Every client who has received a Deluxe Brazilian says that it helps reduce the pain associated with waxing, and makes their experience more calming. Most have seen reduced swelling and redness after their service and encountered fewer in-grown hairs between their waxing appointments. Also, those who have tried it have never gone back to a standard Brazilian wax. They love it!

It's important to keep in mind that this add-on isn't a replacement for your home care. Be sure to continue keeping up with your at-home regimen of exfoliating regularly, and moisturizing any areas you are having routinely waxed. If you are unsure of which products to use, feel free to ask us and we will make a personalized recommendation for you!

Hey, can I try this out for free?

You sure can!

Everyone who hasn't had a Deluxe Brazilian before can upgrade to it once for free. We want all of our clients to be able to experience this luxury add-on, so if you want to give it a try, all you have to do is come in for a standard Brazilian waxing service and let us know you want to try the Deluxe! We'll walk you through it and explain each step, let you try the experience for yourself, and give you the chance to form your own opinions about it.

To book an appointment online, visit our website at and select our appointment section.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

I look forward to showing you this luxurious service soon. Enjoy your week, and see you next time!


- Carly

Body & Brazilian Wax Specialist

CB Artistry LLC

110 E Trade St

Dallas, NC 28034

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