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About Carly Bentley

Specializing in Bikini and Brazilian waxing, Carly has been practicing and perfecting her craft for years to bring the highest quality of service and professionalism to the Downtown Dallas, NC area.

She uses only the finest oils, waxes, and products to deliver her signature Bikini and Brazilian hair removal services to those with even the most sensitive skin types.  Her kind, gentle nature puts her clients at ease, and allows for a comfortable, stress-free waxing experience — especially for those who are nervous about their first Brazilian wax.

"Why do I love Brazilian waxing?" Carly explains.

"I love the confidence it brings my clients.  I love applying my knowledge and passion for skincare to make waxing as painless as possible.  I love helping dissolve the fears and assumptions people have about Brazilian waxing by giving them an incredible service, educating them on proper aftercare, and sending them home with weeks of smooth skin.  I love knowing my clients won't be worrying about razor burn, bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs as long as I'm helping them.  And I know how important that is to my clients."

Carly is taking new clients by appointment only.  To schedule an appointment with Carly, click below.

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